SW-L48- Tartan Shirt-Sewing Tutorial

Firstly, be ready with fabric panels with pattern blocks. How ever if you like to make your own shirt with this block, please go to the link and get ready with make the shirt for your own.

Fabric panels you need;

2x Front bodice

1x Back bodice

2x Sleeves

2x Front pockets

2x Back yokes – one is biased and the other one parallel to the grain line.

2x Collar & 2xcollar stands

Below are the steps to finish the long sleeve shirt;

1. Fusing

Iron fusing on one of collar, collar stand, front placket and two sleeve cuffs

2. Collar

1. Attach collar pieces together and prepare the collar. Give a good press and do 1/4″ edge stitch.

2. Stitch the collar to collar stand by sandwich the collar in between collar stands 

3. Sleeve Cuffs

Attach collar pieces together and prepare the sleeve cuffs

4. Front Pockets

First, do the darts. Then, attach pockets on front panels by using the block 

5. Front Plackets

Attach front plackets as shown

6. Shoulders

Insert front shoulder in between two yokes and attach. Also, secure the back neck.

7. Collar to Neck

Attaching collar, remember to insert your lablel

8. Back

Gather in the middle of the back panel. Attach panels by using the sandwich method

9. Sleeves

Attach both sleeves and overlock them

10. Side seams

Attach both side seams and overlock slit areas separetely and then overlock whole side seams.

10. Sleeve Cuffs

Make sleeve hem gather prior to attaching sleeve cuffs

11. Bottom Hem

Iron the hem 1cm wide and stitch neatly.

11. Button Holes & Button attaching

There are 5 buttons on the front and 2 buttons on each cuff.

It’ All done!

Below you can watch whole video about this Tartan shirt sewing tutorial on Youtube

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