SW-L49-Smart Casual Sewing Tutorial

Firstly, be ready with fabric panels with pattern blocks. How ever if you like to make your own shirt with this block, please go to the link and get ready with make the shirt for your own.

Fabric panels you need;

2x Front bodice

1x Back bodice

2x Sleeves

2x Front facings

1x Back facing 

also, you need, 8” long 1/4″width elastic (5″ less than sleeve hem length)


Below are the steps to finish the Smart casual Top;

1. Iron fusing on one of the Front facings and back facing

2. Attach two front panels and facings in the middle.

3.Now attach both sewn panels together

4.Here it’s done stitching.

5. Find the level of the armhole and do a top stitch edge of panel attachments at the front panel.

6.close up —

7.draw seam allowances on all four corners

8. Do the run stitches on marking and make snips.

9. All prepared for next step

10. Do the same marking for back panels

11. Let’s pin panels together – make sure you match all the markings as well.

12. Closs down sewn front and back panels together- Don’t have to be on top of earlier stitches.

Make pleats and box pleat in the middle and, pin them into the armhole

13. Prepare the elastics

14. Side seams after sewn and overlocked.

15. attach elastic with even tension, and fold again do the hem.

After finishing sleeve cuff

Finished with 4 buttons – 20L

Hem – 3/4”

You can watch the whole video;
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